Dying for Chocolate: A Curious Caterer Mystery (2022)

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Dying for Chocolate: A Curious Caterer Mystery (2022)
Opis: In suburban Elk Park not too far from Denver, Goldy Berry is trying to move on with her life following divorce, the difficulty being that her physician ex-husband, Dr. Richard Korman, whose swelled head she considers larger than their marriage hence their divorce, is still part of her social circle largely centered around their preteen daughter Olive Korman's school. The larger part of moving on is starting her own catering business, the beta or only second test job being to cater the booster club luncheon at the school, she getting the job on the recommendation of school psychiatrist Dr. Laura Smiley and Olive's history teacher, Brad Bowman, to the event organizer, independently wealthy Adele Dennison. Also in wanting to move on, Goldy knows that Brad wants to ask her out, if it does happen it being her first date since before she and Richard got married twelve years ago. At the successful luncheon which ultimately leads to another high profile catering job, Goldy learns that Richard is also trying to move on with life as he works the room trying to find investors among the wealthy at the function for a wellness center he is backing, such ventures which he never pursued during their marriage. Following the luncheon, Goldy learns that one of her closest friends among this circle just died having driven off a cliff. Leading the investigation is Detective Tom Shultz, recently having moved from San Francisco. While Tom has to figure out from evidence if it was just an accident or something else, he and Goldy begin to butt heads as Goldy wants to find out exactly what happened to her friend, and is willing to investigate on her own. But Tom and Goldy's antagonistic relationship turns into a mutually supportive one as Tom finds that Goldy is a helpful addition to the investigation, and as Tom's interest in the case seemingly veers into the personal in wanting to keep Goldy safe, which becomes an increasingly real issue if Goldy gets too close to the truth of what happened to her friend. —Huggo
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