Fire from Below (2009)

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Fire from Below (2009)
Opis: A mining operation in a cave near Eustace, TX is aimed at extracting lithium for military battery applications. The mine company CEO is anxious to have some large samples to use in marketing and carelessly requests a pure vein of lithium to be aggressively drilled. As soon as it is exposed to air, it bursts into flames. Wild tendrils of fire take out mining crews, a local mechanic in his out building and a boatload of water skiers on Lost Lake. Toxic fumes asphyxiate the entire population of Eustace. Scientist, seismologist Jake Denning, is visiting his old home town during the incident and recognizes some aspects of what is going on. He works with military officials and the mine company's chief scientist to plant some explosives that will bury the material and prevent it from building into a possible thermonuclear detonation. The local reservoir has plumes of fire erupting at random locations throughout its basin. The water has heated to the point that the dam impounding it has developed a system of potential failure cracks. Jake not only leads the charge with the explosive devices, but refuses to leave the cave system until his two staff members can be led to safety.—Garon Smith
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