Fishmans (2021)

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Fishmans (2021)
Opis: In 1999, following recent artistic and critical highs, and the subsequent breakdown of his band, maverick Japanese songwriter and visionary Shinji Sato suddenly passed away. Fishmans (the film), traces the rise of a band of three university friends in Tokyo amidst a band boom in the early 90s with a singular musical vision that would see them swim against the current of the industry and prevailing trends to create unique sonic statements and ultimately reach cult status both domestically and abroad. Forming under the unusual moniker "Fishmans", the group would blend dub, reggae, and rocksteady with elements of rock, funk and hip-hop to create several highly acclaimed records including "the Setagaya trilogy" and live document 98.12.28: Otokotachi no Wakare yet success in the commercial sense remained elusive. Following the industry challenges and dissolution of the band at its creative peak Sato died. Now alone, drummer and band leader Kin-ichi Motegi made the difficult decision not to end the band's story there but to continue bringing Sato's music to the people. Members and friends echoed this will and the group resume musical activities. In 2019, the 20th anniversary of Sato's death, Fishmans took to the stage with special determination. This film, with the blessing of the band and Sato family, through unseen live video, in-depth interviews with members of the Fishmans universe and fly-on-the-wall footage tells the remarkable story of this one-of-a-kind Japanese group and catches up with surviving members as they wrestle with the legacy of a creative force while forging on with his music with dignity and love.
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