Flossie (1974)

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Flossie (1974)
Opis: In Stockholm, famous for its beautiful women, a young embassy officer like Jack Archer should find meeting women easy, but he doesn't. When mysterious stranger Eva Leander unexpectedly introduces fascinating teenager Flossie to Jac, his luck will change as an invitation for a drink at Eva's villa the next day will open new horizons and an opportunity for bold Jack to get lucky. Nevertheless, tender young Flossie, a poor orphan completely alone in the world, coming straight from a renowned, strict boarding school in Switzerland, is still inexperienced and untouched, so Jack must gently, softly seduce her with caution and patience. As the soon-to-be lovers start exchanging tantalising stories about their previous sexual escapades, the heat gradually rises and the desire overflows, but is Jack truly the right one for dear little diamond-in-the-rough Flossie?
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