Freddy (2022)

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Freddy (2022)
Opis: Freddy Ginwala Dentist living a lonely life his only friend is his Tortoise named Hardy.Freddy is trying to find a match maker for himself since years and has registered on many matrimonial sites but always faces rejection as he is not confident enough to speak.Once Freddy approaches a women at the party but learns that she is already married an lives with her abusive husband Rustom next day the women visits his clinic to extract her wisdom tooth and he finds that her name is Kainaaz.Freddy gets fascinated by Kainaaz and starts to stalk her and realizes how abusive is Rustom he finds her number from his clinic and asks Kainaaz to meet.After their first meet Freddy and Kainaaz start to meet often and develop feelings for each other but their problem is Kainaaz's marriage with Rustom.Freddy then plans to kill Rustom to be with Kainaaz he succeeds on his very first attempt but realizes that he was made a scapegoat in everything.—[email protected]
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