Game Changer (2022)

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Game Changer (2022)
Opis: Jordan Gabriel is the richest, most famous, and best quarterback in the pros. Don't believe it? Just ask him. Eagerly awaiting a record-setting contract renewal, "only the best will do," much to his dismay he's suddenly forced to coach a little league baseball team. Lohan Everette is still dealing with the recent loss of his father and is wanting to be his new middle-school's star pitcher. He is Jordan's biggest fan - until he actually meets him. As the baseball season progresses, "Coach" Jordan rebuilds Lohan's trust and begins to rely on him, his mom, his adorable and hilarious 9-year-old sister, and the rest of the team as they turn their losing season around. As Jordan begins to "stand in the gap" as a coach/father figure he begins to realize just how empty his life was when he only lived for himself as they all learn the importance of teamwork and using their God-given talents to help others in need. Faced with the biggest dilemma of his life, and with his record setting football contract on the line, can he finally put another person's needs before his own?
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