Get Lucky (2019)

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Get Lucky (2019)
Opis: The first time is something very special for young people, a veritable event in which everything should fit and nothing should go wrong. That this idea does not always correspond to reality, is what teenagers Julia (Emma Katharina Suthe), Aaron (Bjarne Meisel), Emma (Lilly Terzic), David (Benny Opoku-Arthur), Hannah (Luissa Cara Hansen), Mehmet (Jascha Baum), and Mats (Moritz Jahn) will discover. Living with Ellen (Palina Rojinski), aunt of two of the teens--they will experience an exciting summer by the sea. The cool Ellen is always by her protégés when they don't know what to do. So the sexual advisor won't get bored this summer, because the kids have a lot of questions about love, sex, and all that goes with it..—Filmstarts
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