Gianluca Vacchi - Mucho Más (2022)

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Gianluca Vacchi - Mucho Más (2022)
Opis: Gianluca Vacchi is an international influencer, business man and DJ. His face is known all over the world. His music makes thousands of people dance in the most exclusive clubs. His posts are everywhere and so his popularity, likes but also haters. He has an envied lifestyle, a priceless heritage and a controversial but indisputable success. He lives in the spotlight and everyone knows his name, yet no one knows his story. Or rather, his stories: because Gianluca's life encloses many others and crosses ages and worlds, people and faces, emotions, tears and laughter. Gianluca Vacchi - Mucho Más: an exciting, fun and colorful novel, an unprecedented journey through the secrets and fragilities of a true lifestyle pop star, an intimate portrait that goes beyond fame, wealth and irreverence, showing the man behind the celebrity.
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