Girls on Film (2023)

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Girls on Film (2023)
Opis: Jenna Thayer aka 'Rain' is an aspiring nurse struggling to put herself through nursing school by working as a cam girl filming erotic content on an adult website. After Rain's landlord discovers her illicit occupation, Rain is evicted from her home and is forced to find new living arrangements. Answering an ad for a room to rent, Rain finds herself at a luxurious desert mansion. Sipping a cocktail next to the pool is a glamorous heiress and the owner of the residence, Blake. Welcoming Rain with a champagne toast and a mysterious smile, Blake invites Rain to move into the estate.Locking in on Rain, Blake sets out to incorporate herself into Rain's world by suggesting that she join in on Rain's steamy live streams for the adult website. Hesitant at first, Rain soon agrees to Blake's proposition and the young women begin creating sensual girl-on-girl content for the world to see. Bonding through the shared commonality of their broken pasts, Rain and Blake's physical relationship soon becomes romantic as Blake falls deeply in love with Rain. However, having never been in an amorous relationship with a woman, Rain is confused about her feelings for Blake.Used to getting what she wants, Rain's hesitancy regarding the romance ignites Blake's demons of her past. Struggling with bipolar disorder and a drug addiction, Blake is unable to control her erratic behavior and begins treating Rain with cruel disdain. Unwilling to submit to Blake's insanity and dealing with her own struggles and shame in her current occupation, Rain threatens to leave the relationship... A downward spiral of pain and toxicity encapsulates the women and ultimately tragedy bonds them forever.
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