Give a Girl a Break (1953)

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Give a Girl a Break (1953)
Opis: Janet Hallson is the star of Felix Jordan's musical revue "Give a Girl a Break", which is in rehearsals. With only weeks until the opening, Janet quits the show over a disagreement with the dance director, Ted Sturgis, who refuses to treat her like the prima donna she believes she is. Knowing that all the other star performers are already booked, Felix decides to cancel the production. Ted, however, convinces him that he would be able to find a talented unknown to fill the part in an open casting call, which would provide great publicity for the show itself. After the open casting call, the decision makers have it narrowed down to three girls, each who has a different look and a different strength with which they come into the process. Each has her own champion, whose interest is both professional and personal. Tapper Suzy Doolittle is the choice of Bob Dowdy, the production's Boy Friday. Modern ballerina Joanna Moss is the choice of Leo Belney, the musical director. The wild card is Madelyn Corlane - Ted's ex professional and personal partner - who left show business for many of the same reasons Janet left the show. After being away from the business for a few years, Janet, who came in solely as a favor to Jordan, realizes that she is ready to resurrect her musical stage career. The outcome of the process could play a role in what happens in the budding romances. The outcome may also be ultimately dictated by the personal priorities and motivations of the three girls themselves.
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