Good Sam (1948)

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Good Sam (1948)
Opis: Sam Clayton is the General Manager of H.C. Borden and Co., a department store. Despite the well paying managerial job, he and his loving wife Lu live a modest existence with their two adolescent children, Butch and Lulu, as Sam is always helping others out, emotionally, practically and most importantly financially whenever he can, which is always. His Good Samaritan ways exasperate a few people of importance around him, including H.C. Borden himself, who believes his do-gooderism is sometimes at the expense of money in the cash register at the store, and most specifically Lu, who believes that people generally take advantage of him as witnessed by how often they pay him back in a timely manner if at all, and that his actions are often at her and the children's expense. Lu and Sam have long dreamed of owning their own home instead of renting as they do, but that dream is always delayed as, if need be, Sam will dip into their house fund to lend that financial helping hand, largely no questions asked. Despite loving him, Lu may only be able to encounter one disappointment too many before she can't stand it anymore. If their marriage can survive this issue, it may face the ultimate test if anyone will reciprocate in Sam's time of need.—Huggo
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