Greyson Family Christmas (2021)

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Greyson Family Christmas (2021)
Opis: This family dramedy tells the tale of passionate progressive MAYA GREYSON, a brilliant and beautiful law student who excitedly/nervously brings her boyfriend TRENT home to meet her family during Christmas week. Trent is bright, charming, bighearted, and head-over-heels in love with Maya - but his arrival doesn't exactly sit well with Maya's family - including her brother, her sister, her cousins, her aunt and uncle and especially her mom RENEE. Why the resistance? Is it Trent's big personality? Is it his unpolished blue-collar Boston vibe? Or is it at least partly because the Greysons are a proud African American family, whereas Trent is - well - white? Maya and Trent hatch a plan to win them over one-by-one, working their way up to Renee - which is especially important to Trent, because the present he plans to give Maya on Christmas Day is an engagement ring.
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