Guthlee Ladoo (2023)

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Guthlee Ladoo (2023)
Opis: "Guthlee Ladoo" is a story about two close friends who come from a underprivileged background. Ladoo is satisfied with the simple life he has and follows his father's belief that they can't change their fate. He accepts things the way they are. But Guthlee sees things differently. He feels trapped and wants to break free from his difficult life. Guthlee believes education is the key to a better future. His father Mangru shares the same mindset, and he does whatever he can to ensure Guthlee has the opportunity to pursue his dreams. The story revolves around Guthlee's strong desire to overcome his situation and go to school. The school's principal Harishankar sees Guthlee's determination and understands his dreams. He understands how much Guthlee wants to learn and sees a bit of himself in Guthlee's determination. They share a special unspoken connection, but society's caste biases get in the way. Despite these challenges, there's a small glimmer of hope as Guthlee's dreams are nurtured by his bond with the principal. The story makes us think about what will happen to Guthlee next and leaves us wondering about his future.—Ashwani Shukla
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