Harley (2020)

Harley (2020)
Opis: "I save people". This is what Harley, a successful, long-haired, bow-tie-wearing criminal defense attorney, tells people who walk through the door of his opulent office in gang-infested Paterson, New Jersey. His clients are the most despised people in society: serial killers, gang members, sexual predators. Murder trials are his passion and the streets are his territory.On the outside, Harley is a confident, brash, Ferrari-driving, 51-year-old lawyer, who relishes taking the side of the underdog and fighting against prosecutors and police officers. On the inside, he is an overweight, middle-aged man living with his mother. He is still deeply scarred by the bully who antagonized him in high school and he is disappointed in himself for his lack of physical fitness.One day, Harley meets the woman of his dreams online. She is a bodybuilding model, 20 years his junior and she already has a boyfriend. In an attempt to conquer her, Harley embarks on an ambitious quest to prove to her he is more of a man than her boyfriend. Inspired by his childhood hero Rocky Balboa, he decides to get in shape for a garage MMA fight in Brazil against a much younger and stronger fighter.As Harley desperately trains to get in shape for the fight of his life, he continues to fight for his clients in difficult trials. He struggles with health issues and with a sense of frustration born from his failure to make the woman fall in love with him.Despite these setbacks, he is determined to fight in Brazil and hopes that by going the distance in the ring, he will be able to prove himself and hold in his arms the woman he loves.
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