Hatton (2023)

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Hatton (2023)
Opis: From multi-award-winning sports documentary specialists Noah Media Group comes this definitive portrait of a unique, working-class hero and one of the world's most beloved boxers - Ricky 'The Hitman' Hatton. The documentary, with incredible access to Ricky and unseen archive footage, charts his journey from the Hattersley estate near Manchester to headlining on the strip in Las Vegas is an emotional insight into a brilliant sporting hero.Earmarked for greatness from the moment he turned professional, Ricky quickly rose to the pinnacle of his sport. Adored by the public, he was a raging force in the ring, but the eventual pain of defeat would become utterly unbearable. Triumph, and pride were replaced by depression, addiction, and shame. His courage was clear, but it hid a darkness that would overwhelm him.Crucially, his relationships with those closest to him fell apart. A near decade estrangement from his family and split from his coach pushed Ricky to his absolute rock bottom and an attempted suicide. Raw and compelling, the documentary showcases this cautionary tale and inspirational story of a man forced to navigate a path through fragile relationships and broken dreams as he attempts to make sense of a life that appeared destined for a happy ending.Ricky Hatton is directed by multi-award winning Dan Dewsbury and produced by Noah Media Group (14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible, Finding Jack Charlton), in association with Sky Studios. NBCUniversal Global Distribution handle international sales on behalf of Sky Studios.
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