Housos vs. Authority (2012)

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Housos vs. Authority (2012)
Opis: Shazza Jones is a die-hard resident of "Sunnyvale" the roughest, toughest, meanest area of Australia not yet rejuvenated by the Australian Government. Packed together inside this 'Hope-less' place of low-life, and acutely destitute estate are some of the most inhuman bacterial scourges that are left to their own devices; The Junkies, who will have anything that resembles a valuable meal ticket for their next hit of heroin. The Bikers, headed by Angry (Angry Anderson), whose authority and rule over parts of Sunnyvale echo his warnings to stay out of his way, and then there is Kev, Franky, Shazza and Vanessa - together they make up the estate into what is it today... unbelievable! The story of "Sunnyvale" is told through the experiences and guidance of Shazzas' Uncle Bazza, whose daily life revolves around the slot machines, pub and pleasurable assertions while under the stupor of alcohol. And the story which he tells us is the quest of Shazza scattering her old Mom's ashes of "Aires Rock", which just happens to be one of Australia's National Monuments. In a desperate mission of reaching her Mother before she passes away, Shazza approaches the last person in the world and asks for their help - Angry, of the Bikers Gang - who in return uses her dilemma to a lucrative advantage. So, with a soulful of good intentions, four best mates and an unlimited fuel credit card, Shazza drives all the way to Aires Rock. Unfortunately, things don't go to plan, as the zany group of AusChav's get themselves arrested, broadcasted all over Australian television and, to make matters worse, leave Franky to experience some very personal deep probing from an unexpected guest in the desert.—Marcus Kasabian De Storm
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