I Me Wed (2007)

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I Me Wed (2007)
Opis: Isabel Davies is an attractive, successful, 30-year-old woman with a great career, lots of friends and an eye and flair for restoring houses. Life could be no better for Isabel - but as far as her mother and friends are concerned, she will be a spinster is she doesn't find a husband soon. They constantly nag her about dating and finding the right man. When yet another blind date turns into a nightmare, Isabel resolves to do something that will forever keep her friends and mother out of her hair. She will take their advice and marry the one person who knows her better than anyone else: herself. Much to her mother Lillian's chagrin and her best friend Amy's disgust, Isabel begins planning her wedding with the help of her very enthusiastic gay friend, Bill. As Isabel and Bill amuse themselves with the details of organizing her nuptials, Isabel is confident that she will finally get some peace from the wedding-obsessed crowd - and she will also be making a statement for single women all over the world. What Isabel doesn't bank on, however, is a meeting with her contractor's handsome and intelligent son, Colin. At first she assumes that this man won't live up to her standards, but after a few romantic and charming dates, it begins to dawn on Isabel that Colin may in fact be a better life-partner for her than the one she's already planning to marry! As the wedding date approaches and the preparations escalate, Isabel knows that she must let Colin know about her wedding plans. Unfortunately, her numerous attempts to tell him about the wedding are overshadowed by their growing romance and Colin soon finds out about Isabelle's plans to marry herself when she announces them on national TV. Frustrated by Isabelle's failure to tell him about her upcoming wedding and about the repercussions of being known by the public as that "schmuck" who wouldn't marry his girlfriend, Colin decides he can't date a woman who is about to marry herself and the pair splits up. With the pressure from the wedding mounting and the loss of her boyfriend fresh in her mind, Isabel must make a choice between sticking to her convictions and following her heart: Will she try to win back the man of her dreams or will she continue on with her wedding?—Anonymous
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