In Soapta (2021)

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In Soapta (2021)
Opis: Lost between two loves and the search for self, Bianca decides to take on - in a whisper - the fiercest struggle of all time - the struggle with self, with her own instincts and feelings, and although the choice seems simple when you balance a marriage in when the fire is extinguished, the new passion puts her seriously not only in thoughts but also in great difficulty. A great Romanian poet said so beautifully that "the woman is the only gift that chooses you" but Bianca's will to detach herself from the choice made, often fades in front of the thirst for control of her new love - Dragos, which is nothing but the apogee of some strong emotional deficiencies, which are manifested especially in the relationship with someone more stable and dominant - like him. A unique story of an experience still "whispered" - swing - and trying to answer the eternal question: How can I save my marriage after betrayal? The answer comes as the story unfolds before the eyes of the viewer, managing to keep him in suspense until the end when Dragos and Bianca completely change the initial course of the story.
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