Inang (2022)

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Inang (2022)
Opis: Wulan, a supermarket employee, is abandoned by her boyfriend after finding out about her early pregnancy. Wulan takes responsibility for herself and starts to find solutions online. One day, Wulan stumbles upon a "support pregnancy" on her social media page. From that group, Wulan finally finds a solution by a family to adopt her baby: Agus and Eva from the rich Santoso family. The family gives their all-out effort to keep the unborn child safe. They offer Wulan a place to stay in their big house and take care of all pregnancy medical bills. But eerie circumstances slowly unfold as Wulan begins to witness the family's strange behavior. Wulan also starts to be haunted by babies in her dreams. The family's sinister plan starts to unfold when their oldest son, Bergas, suddenly comes home. Wulan gradually becomes close with the son and learns that the family is part of an occult group that sacrifices babies every ten years to save their own cursed son. Bergas is a cursed son born in Javanese sacred Wednesday named Rabu Wekasan. The myth says every person born on that day has to face endless unfortunate luck throughout their lives. Wulan and her unborn child are perfect victims of the sacrifice.
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