...ing (2003)

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...ing (2003)
Opis: Gang Min-a is a girl whose life can be ended at any moment ,passionate about ballet .Her only dream is to go to Europe & watch live show of ballet.Her life is very complicated not having any friends.But she always has a dream of having a perfect love in her life.Her mother is a very dedicated mother who always tries to see her daughter happy at any cost.To her downstairs a boy ,Oh the way to school she finds a person who lost his love in front of Min-a's high school .For this reason he helps the school girls to cross the road.Min-a heard from the teacher that the man lost his girl-friend in front of the school in arainy day,so in the rain the man cries missing his love.According to Min-a"TRUE LOVE IS NOT ABOUT GETTING BUT IS GIVING".Yeong-Jae comes to live in the downstairs whose profession is photography,he becomes the love of Min-a.With Yeong she experiences her happiest moment of the life.Their first meet starts with a cigarette & lighter.Yeong borrows a cigarette form Min-a with lighter.The lighter belongs to min-a's father which Yeong take away from her.In place of lighter Yeong gives Min-a a one form his little paired turtle as a hostage.But Min-a goes to Yeong's appartment to find her lighter but Yeong couldn't find the lighter in the mesh their he writes her cell phone no in the floor with permanenet marker.Min-a & Yeong started dating.He tooks Min-a to different places like ballet class,aquarium house.By hearing about Hawaii from Yeong ,Min-a changed her long plans of going to Europe.Instead of going to Europe she wished to go to Hawaii to see sea turtle.
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