Inside North Korea: Then & Now with Lisa Ling (2017)

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Inside North Korea: Then & Now with Lisa Ling (2017)
Opis: In 2006 NG correspondent Lisa Ling traveled to North Korea under the guise of a humanitarian program that performed eye surgeries. With unprecedented access she exposed us to this closed, authoritarian society. Since then the country has gone through many changes. The Dear Leader Kim Jong-il died and his son Kim Jong-un took power. They are now a nuclear power and are on the cusp of developing an ICBM capable of reaching America. President Obama told President-Elect Trump that North Korea will be his toughest task on the international stage. The new show will reprise Lisa's investigation and bring the original show up to date. We will also tell the story of Laura Ling, Lisa's sister, who was captured crossing the border while on assignment for Current TV. Former President Clinton negotiated her and her colleague's release.—National Geographic Web Site
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