It's for Your Own Good (2020)

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It's for Your Own Good (2020)
Opis: Law firm owner Arthur experiences a nightmare at his daughter Antonia's dream wedding: instead of saying yes to an aspiring lawyer from his team, she elopes with left-wing activist Alex. The conservative lawyer does not want to get used to a class warrior as a potential son-in-law. His brothers-in-law Yus and Kalle aren't much better off with their daughters Luna and Sophie: one loves a bold young dealer, the other a much older nude photographer. In order to get rid of their daughters' friends, the "super-brothers-in-law" form a secret society. Not only the resistance of their wives Marion, Heike and Isabel, but also their own shortcomings and embarrassing failures complicate the insidious plan. Soon the trio of fathers have to fight themselves in order not to be sidelined by the self-confident daughters.—ADR Das Erste
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