Jab We Met (2007)

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Jab We Met (2007)
Opis: Emotionally reeling after the passing of his father and the marriage of his girlfriend to another, wealthy businessman (and heir to a family fortune) Aditya Kashyab meets chatterbox Geet Dhillon aboard a train onto which he has wandered. Before she can pinpoint and fix his problem, he disembarks. She follows, and the two end up working together to literally get her back on track when she misses re-boarding her train for home. Once home, Geet uses Aditya to slip out of an arranged marriage to a childhood friend, via a staged elopement, in order to reunite with her secret, distant and true love, Anshuman. With their escape a success, they amicably part company right before her reunion with Anshuman. Nine months later, Geet's family tracks down Aditya, demanding her return (mistakenly believing they've been together all this time). Promising her return, Aditya investigates her whereabouts and finds her in an unhappy circumstance. In lifting her spirits, they awaken a spark of marital interest in Anshuman that wasn't there before. The three return to her home where everyone presumes Geet and Asitya have been living together and have only now returned for an official wedding. They fairly well ignore Anshuman, whom no one even remotely suspects is the true husband-to-be, which Geet finds herself very reluctant to correct.—statmanjeff
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