James Hemings: Ghost in America's Kitchen (2022)

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James Hemings: Ghost in America's Kitchen (2022)
Opis: If you've ever eaten macaroni and cheese, French fries or ice cream, you've enjoyed the contributions of America's unknown culinary founding father, James Hemings. James Hemings was the first American trained as a master chef. He was also the brother-in-law and enslaved property of Thomas Jefferson. A modern culinary warrior is determined to tell the greatest American story that has not been told. Chef Ashbell McElveen has dedicated his life to creating fine food, and uncovering the amazing story of James Hemings. Chef Ashbell is a familiar culinary TV personality, having regularly appeared on shows like Weekend Today Show, BBC's Good Food Live and Beat Bobby Flay. In addition to opening restaurants in the UK and USA, he has founded the James Hemings Society, which strives to bring America's Founding Foodie into the light of history. The story of James Hemings, and Chef Ashbell's inspired quest to tell it, will captivate foodies, intrigue historians, and give every American a greater appreciation for the French fries on their plate.—Anthony Werhun
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