Jingle Bell Bride (2020)

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Jingle Bell Bride (2020)
Opis: Jessica Perez is a New York City wedding planner putting the final touches on the Christmas Eve wedding of pop sensation Renee when the bride's last-minute request to change her flower to a rare bloom - the Jingle Bell Flower - sends her searching for it. Jessica's quest takes her to the remote Alaskan town of Tapeesa, but her plan to return immediately with the flowers is foiled by mechanical difficulties. Having to extend her stay, Jessica joins the townspeople in the holiday happenings that are part of the annual Jingle Bell Festival and becomes close with Matt, her ride from the airport and whose family is hosting her while she's in town. Each of them begins to open their hearts but Jessica is focused on returning to New York in time for the wedding and securing an in important promotion she's in line for. But just as it looks like Jessica's hard work is for naught when her boss reassigns the wedding to a co-worker, a Christmas miracle gives her the chance to see it through after all. Her relief over being able to return to New York is tempered by her sadness over leaving Matt behind, but there just may be one more Christmas miracle in store that will help make Jessica's holiday merry and bright. —Happy_Evil_Dude
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