John Laurens' War (2017)

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John Laurens' War (2017)
Opis: John Laurens' War is the passionate fight for freedom of young Lt. Col. John Laurens from South Carolina, for every slave in America along with every colonist during the American Revolution. John defies his slave-owning father and British wife to become a fervent abolitionist, ninety years before slavery ended in America. As a top aide for George Washington, along with Alexander Hamilton, John is wounded in four battles and fights a duel to defend General Washington against those attempting to destroy him. Congress passes a bill granting John 3,000 Black slaves to be led by him to fight for their freedom along with the patriot army. The bill is stopped by South Carolina. Phillip, a former slave friend, fights with John to end slavery before the creation of our new nation. John is suddenly killed at 27, in 1782, before achieving his dream of freedom for all in America. The docudrama is narrated by Laurens' friend, British poet/abolitionist, Thomas Day, and two acclaimed historians, who appear as colonials, offering opinions along the way. This film is the winner of nine film awards: Accolade Global Film Competition, including Documentary Feature, direction, leading and supporting actors, cinematography, as well as Gold at Houston Worldfest Film Festival for Cultural Documentary, in Film and Video Production.
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