Julemandens datter 3: Den magiske tidsmaskine (2022)

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Julemandens datter 3: Den magiske tidsmaskine (2022)
Opis: At Santa Claus School, the principal has called a meeting. Lucia, her parents Julius and Claudia and everyone else at school are excited. But the tension is replaced by a shock when the headmaster cancels Christmas. He seems confused, and it soon becomes clear that he is trapped in a Christmas trauma from his younger days as Santa Claus. Lucia sets out to find out what has happened and with the help of the younger student Elias and a magical time machine, she travels back in time in the hope of saving Christmas. She lands in Viborg in 1897, and in the attempt to solve the mystery she ends up in Raven's Nest - a refuge and paradise for children who are tired of their parents. The funny and nice Von Ravn rules here, but he may not be quite as nice as he pretends to be.—Filmweb
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