Just One Time (2021)

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Just One Time (2021)
Opis: Laura is a social worker of an unnamed city specialized to treat cases of sexist violence. Her latest case revolves about Pablo and Eva, a long-time couple after an incident where, according to the police report, he thrown her to the ground breaking her arm during a discussion. While Laura starts the therapy with Pablo, a well-known writer and novelist, she is being stalked by the ex husband of a former patient, who is obsessed that Laura can help him to recover his wife. Talking with Pablo, he shows to be regretful and ashamed of his behavior, explaining how his work writing in home requires special conditions to make it and the fight was an one-time incident. Despite to know that the therapy is obligatory only for him, Eva decides talk with Laura excusing the happened, that Pablo is a good man despised by her parents-in-law and that their relation is at the best. Not convinced by the explanation, Laura starts to press them little by little, watching their reactions and their way to talk in the attempt to downplay the aggression. However, things go to worse when the stalker sends Laura a photo of her teen daughter Lucía threatening her life. At the same time that Laura tries to keep Lucía safe and sound, the therapy becomes more intense when is revealed that Eva was caught cheating Pablo with Diego, another writer of the same publishing company and the actual best seller of it, and how Pablo turned crazy by the jealousy. Was it really an one-time incident, or Pablo actually is a true sexist who abuses Eva using daily his violence against her?—Chockys
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