Khanzab (2023)

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Khanzab (2023)
Opis: With her own eyes Rahayu witnesses her father being beheaded. He became one of the victims of the witchcraft shaman massacre in May 1998 by ninjas. Together with his stepmother and sister, Rahayu left Banyuwangi and returned to his childhood home in Jetis. However, Rahayu's family is ostracized because they are considered a family of witch doctors. Trying to stay positive, Rahayu tries to pray diligently to lighten his heart's burden. The more isolated, Rahayu increasingly difficult to concentrate during prayer. Distractions often come to disturb the solemnity of her prayers. Rahayu often forgets the rak'ah and prayer readings, along with a disturbance by an astral figure that appears: the khanzab.
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