Knives of the Avenger (1966)

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Knives of the Avenger (1966)
Opis: In the ancient times, the savage and cruel warrior Hagen is chasing Queen Karin and her son Moki to marry her and usurp the kingdom of her husband, King Arald. Karin and Moki are hidden in a cottage in the woods, living like peasants. They are protected by a stranger, the warrior Helmut, a knives expert. Moki grows close to Helmut who teaches him how to hunt and fight. Later Karin discloses to him that three years ago, her husband traveled in a ship overseas to seek grains for his starving people. The vessel was wrecked on the coast of Britain and since then they have heard nothing about Arald. Furthermore she tells him that Hagen was responsible for the starvation since braking the truce between the kingdoms of Arald and King Rurik and killed his wife and son. Thirsty for revenge, King Rurik had invaded her kingdom with his warriors, killed the people and raped the women including her on her honeymoon, but spared the life of Arald.
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