Language Rebel. Mati Hint (2022)

Language Rebel. Mati Hint (2022)
Opis: The film summarizes the life and creative path of Mati Hind, an outstanding linguist, essayist, lecturer and who played an important role in the politics during the restoration of Estonia's independence, highlighting his uncompromising nature and rebel spirit, and also explores what role the fertile landscapes and harsh history of Southern Estonia played in his personality. In the turbulent nineties, it was extremely important that the Estonian language became the state language. For this, a language law had to be adopted. Mati Hint was the ideologue of the language law, and thanks to his courage, attempts to change it at the last moment failed. Here, his rebelliousness benefited the Estonian state. Mati Hint died on December 5, 2019. In the film, his university colleagues, students, linguists and relatives talk about Mati Hindi. His life's work and personality open up from new aspects. Mati himself is also still present in his slightly chattering, but firm and caring way.
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