Lease on Love (2022)

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Lease on Love (2022)
Opis: In Chicago, Poppy Evans works in a job she dislikes, she the branding and marketing manager for social media beauty influencer Ingrid Jordan. While Poppy has been with Ingrid since Ingrid's humble beginnings, that job title is in name only as Ingrid controls everything in her brand, she not recognizing any of Poppy's contributions to the company or her rise from nothing. Poppy will soon be moving from her apartment in the historic but rough around the edges Gregory building when she and her longtime boyfriend, executive chef Joel, get married, and live in his more modern apartment, they seeing marriage as the next logical step in their relationship. Poppy's life changes when Ingrid hires Aspire, a marketing company to lead the campaign in her new line of makeup. Milo Asher, the president of Aspire, accepts the contract only if Poppy heads the campaign instead of Ingrid. He later admits to Poppy that he has ulterior motives in working only with her in knowing that she lives in the Gregory. The Gregory's resident owner, Tony, rejected Milo's application for the vacant penthouse suite, Poppy knowing it's because Tony prefers to rent to people he considers "stable", namely married, Milo who is far from such in admitting to Poppy that he has never even been in love. Milo, seeing the interplay between Ingrid and Poppy, offers Poppy a "corner office" job at Aspire if she helps him win over Tony for that penthouse suite. Knowing that the only thing that will achieve that end goal is for Milo to be attached, Poppy, with Joel's neutral blessing, agrees to Milo's proposition to pretend to be his fiancée, Tony who has never met Joel. This agreement leads to a number of complications for both Poppy and Milo, the proverbial weak house built around this fake engagement which may come crashing down around them if the truth comes to light. But the biggest complication may be Milo actually falling in love with his fake fiancée, the real fiancée of another man.—Huggo
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