Legatii (2022)

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Legatii (2022)
Opis: A team from a leading company in the gaming industry is going into teambuilding. The employees end up in the mountains, without being adequately equipped for hiking in nature and without knowing what the rules of the game are. None of them came ready for the mountain, but they all are irritated because of their presence there. After the first night of partying, at breakfast, everyone finds out from Razvan, the CEO of the company, that they will do something very special. Specifically, they have to go on a 24-hour hike on a mountain trail. Not anyway, but tied together with a rope. Their goal is to complete this experiment without untying the rope. Even if it sounds provocative, some protest, but in the end, they take their backpacks, which were prepared by Razvan, they are tied at a distance of two meters between them and go "on the road". The route turns out to be what Razvan hoped it would be when the idea came to him: the team's trigger. Razvan is not just a CEO who only follows the financial performance of his company. He is a true leader who also follows the human side of his team. He knows that inside his company "something is no longer connected". He knows that their products in the past were top-selling precisely because "something tied them". That something has long been lost. The journey he subjects his employees to is not only a physical one, for the sake of testing their endurance, it is also an initiatory one. By doing so, he hopes to reconnect them, in that core of creative enthusiasm from the beginning, when everything seemed possible and the whole world was theirs. By being forced to stay tied up for 24 hours they end up going through difficult times. Once fatigue sets in, all sorts of unspoken things start to come to light. Lovers, job tensions, dissatisfaction, revenge and so on. It creates the premises for a great failure, only that in the end they have the most beautiful experience of their lives, reaching the endpoint together. Tied and untied at the same time.
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