Let's Cheat Together (2018)

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Let's Cheat Together (2018)
Opis: Sleuth Cheng, the host of the 'Love is Magic' variety show, specializes in advising his audiences about relationship problems. Early one morning he is found buried inside a tetrapod on the beach while the secretly-filmed clip of him passionately kissing the mayor's wife goes viral on the Internet with millions of views. It not only drops a bomb into Taiwanese politics, it also has a profound impact on the upcoming mayoral election. The hospital is besieged by journalists. Cheng, whose body is covered with injuries, and his girlfriend, who works as his agent, confess that the Taipei mayor has entrusted them with a secret mission: Cheng was asked to sort out the mayoress' affairs and help the mayor control the situation before the election. In an exclusive membership-only club where privacy is absolutely protected, Cheng observes the series of affairs the mayoress has had and realizes that these relationships are far more complicated than they appear; in fact, the mayoress suffers greatly from the insolvable problems in her marriage. During the process, Cheng gradually warms towards the mysterious mayoress and slowly walks into a love trap full of lies and calculation. Cheng's reputation is in ruins. Under the gaze of the bloodthirsty media, how can Cheng escape from this farcical political storm? And just what unspeakable country-shaking secrets does the mayoress hold?—MandarinVision
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