Life Stinks (1991)

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Life Stinks (1991)
Opis: In some reports, Los Angeles-based industrialist Goddard Bolt is the richest man in the country if not the world. Making his fortune in real estate development, he is uncaring about the effect of his developments on anything or anyone but lining his own pocketbook. Such is the case with his latest planned development for the slums of Los Angeles which he will raze completely for that upscale replacement. He has thus far purchased half the land, the other half owned by his equally cutthroat and uncaring competitor, Vance Crasswell, who has the same plan for the land. Although initially tricked into it, Goddard, believing his general acumen which resulted in his financial success will carry him through, willingly enters into a bet with Vance that he, Goddard, can live and survive in that slum neighborhood with nothing - no money, no contacts, and no one knowing who he really is in having money - for thirty days, the winner of the bet to take ownership of all the land. As Vance does whatever he can to make Goddard lose the bet and as Goddard lives in that neighborhood among the other diverse group of street people he encounters, their bet has the potential to extend beyond the thirty days for various reasons, that is if Goddard does survive that thirty days.
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