Litus. (2019)

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Litus. (2019)
Opis: In 2019 Madrid, 6 months after the suicide of Litus who crashed a van against a wall, his intimate circle of friends reunite in the house where he lived with one of them, Pablo, to talk about it. They are Laia, Litus' life-long girlfriend; Marcos, who lives with Pablo after he was fired from his job and who is obsessed with getting his former girlfriend Su back; Litus' older brother Toni; Pepe, who enjoys his new life as a pop star; and Su, whom Toni invited on Litus' instructions--apparently he wrote letters to all of them. But as the friends arrive at the house, troubles increase progressively: Toni and Laia announce that they're dating, to Pablo's surprise and suspicion; Pablo is still anger-theorizing whether Litus really had an accident instead of committing suicide; Marcos learns that Su is engaged to someone else; and Toni accuses Pepe of being happier with his new famous music-star status than he was when he played guitar and wrote songs with Litus. When all the letters are opened, the situation gets even more complicated, especially when Laia suggests that the letters must be false and that Litus didn't write them, a claim that not only tests their friendships and bonds, but makes them question who Litus really was and who they really are.—Chockys
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