Living in the Future's Past (2018)

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Living in the Future's Past (2018)
Opis: Humans are only one of a multitude of species on Earth, all who have had to adapt over time to survive changing conditions. The difference between humans and all other species is that humans have learned how to control their environment in conjunction with that adaptation to survive beyond meeting basic needs. Much of that want for greater control and comfort is culturally and societally driven, and can be achieved through over-production of goods beyond a subsistence level. Being able to achieve it comes down to the basic issue of energy. However, this situation has had the unintended consequence of negatively affecting the holistic environment in which humans and all other species on Earth live. While existing species have been able to adapt to survive, this human driven change is unlike anything ever experienced and the speed of change may affect if species are able to adapt without a different path. Most agreeing that the current path is one that most do not want to see for our children and their children and so on, the question then becomes what humans can do individually, societally and globally for that future we want to see for future generations.—Huggo
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