Look to the Light (2024)

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Look to the Light (2024)
Opis: A young couple navigate a series of tricky turns in their relationship, when reality TV stardom comes calling. Eddie Reynolds, Wannabe influencer, whole world turns upside down when he is chosen to take part in the hit primetime TV show 'Love on The Rocks'. Faced with the dilemma of remaining with Lauren, his faithful girlfriend, or becoming insta-famous, he opts for the Gen Z, superficial fast track to celebrity. Their relationship is over.But, in the first in a string of bad decisions, this sends Eddie's destiny, spiralling toward a tragic future, with Lauren's life a casualty in the wake. Their on/off relationship, piqued by Eddie's infidelity, turns to tragedy after a brief reconciliation leads to fatal car crash; caused by Eddie's reckless drink driving.Lauren is killed instantly, but Eddie, who has always had everything he ever wanted...won't let her go. With the crushing guilt that ensues and the prospect of becoming a reality star off the table, depression hits him harder than anything in his short life. He begins drinking heavily to stave off his suicidal dark thoughts and suspend the awful, new found reality.His only comfort and light in his world...being the secret visits Lauren now makes him...from the grave. Their love affair continues...on two planes. But living this double life, is something that can't continue and Eddie has to decide whether his time is up, and this existence is really what he wants? Living without the perfect, social media material life he always coveted seems untenable, and so he hurtles toward a choice that could make him yet another sad statistic in the machine of reality TV.
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