Los Bando (2018)

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Los Bando (2018)
Opis: Highschool boys Aksel and Grim always dreamed of entering the Norwegian national rock talent championship, and decide to go for it, without parental permissions, considering pre-teen classical cello talent Thilda Berg Nilsen their secret weapon. Elder mate Martin Johnsen, whose own ambitions are crossed by poverty and the expectations to continue the family business, borrows and drives them in a van, and proves the vocal talent the band lacks. On the way, chased in vain by the jealous van owner, they pick up a Swedish couple with car trouble to their wedding and seek advice from their retired, alas not supportive rock idol The Hammer. They must avoid the police, as Thilda is reported missing. Arriving at the contest venue, their problems are far from over, but everyone steps up.—KGF Vissers
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