Love Upstream (2021)

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Love Upstream (2021)
Opis: Charlotte Meyers is a Chicago-based author and relationship guru, whose just launched latest book is about how she and her fiancé Doug Forth rediscovered love after working through their problems, the book a springboard to a talked-about network talk show. Her brand takes a hit when on the day of the book launch, Doug announces that he wants out of the relationship. Needing to reinvent herself as her publisher Jane will no longer publish any of her books on relationships because of this setback, Charlotte comes up with an idea for her next book that Jane loves: a city girl's guide to wilderness survival. She plans to go through three weeks of wilderness training followed by a one-week canoeing trip to use those skills. She came up with the idea following an antagonistic encounter with wilderness guide Rob Wilson, who agrees to be her dedicated trainer solely in the need for a quick influx of cash. Rob, who co-owns and operates a Northern Minnesota wilderness business with his friends, married couple Mike and Tina Abbott, hates Charlotte's type - privileged urbanites who have no real interest in experiencing the great outdoors beyond taking selfies in it - despite they being the business' bread and butter. Getting over that initial antagonism, both Charlotte and Rob end up being surprised by the other in their inherent being, so much so that they start to fall for each other if they are willing to open themselves up. A happy ending for them and Charlotte's newfound friendship with the Abbotts are jeopardized by her professional obligations in how Jane and the network plan to market her new brand. —Huggo
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