Love's Portrait (2022)

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Love's Portrait (2022)
Opis: Lily, an art museum curator in the US, has not dated since her husband Greg, the love of her life, passed away three years ago, although not for lack of trying by her friends and colleagues, including her boss Michelle, to get her into the dating world. Michelle thinks it's fate that a portrait donated to the museum from an unknown source and by an unknown artist is the exact likeness of Lily, Michelle believing the artist meant to be the next love of Lily's life. Only tracking the shipment being sent from small town Inistioge, Ireland, Michelle sends Lily there to find her "soulmate", the portrait's artist, Lily conversely only agreeing to go to uncover the mystery of the painting's source. There, Lily meets brother and sister William and Saoirse who are the fourth generation from their family to run the local post office. Helping Lily, they are only able to narrow that specific shipment being sent by someone with the ubiquitous name J. O'Brien. As Lily and William go on a trek through the region to question all the possible J. O'Briens William and Saoirse could find, Lily and William start to fall for each other, something that Lily may not want to admit. However, both William and Saoirse know more about the artist and the origins of the likeness of Lily in the painting than they are willing to admit to Lily, that knowledge which could threaten Lily and William's burgeoning romance.
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