Luca (2020)

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Luca (2020)
Opis: 1989, last year of communism in Romania. Luca, a student, decides to go on a one-day trip to Bulgaria. At the customs office, the secret police lieutenant Nedelcu finds him with a 50 dollar bill hidden in his rectum. Luca is savagely beaten by Nedelcu. 26 years later, trying to create a career as an actor, Luca work as a taxi driver in New York. He stops in front of a secluded oceanfront villa, in Long Island. The client, Bastelli, tells him to be back in 30 minutes. Luca returns to the villa. "Canarino" Nardi and "Alibi" Brandino rush into the taxi, puts a gun at Luca's head and asks him to take them to Times Square. Luca obeys. Luca returns to Long Island. When he enters the villa, he finds Bastelli's body, all crushed, with a canary stuffed in the mouth. Luca is being investigated by the NYPD in regards to Bastelli's murder. The cops are trying to convince Luca to denounce Nardi and Brandino in return for the status of a protected witness. Luca refuses. Back home, there's an armed attack on him, that's failed. Frightened, he signs to enter the protected witness program. He accepts hiding in Romania for 6 months, under a new identity of a dead man. As soon as he moves to Romania, he is visited by chief commissioner Nedelcu, head of the Romanian Witness Protection Office. He is the former lieutenant who had beaten Luca 26 years ago. Nedelcu begins to blackmail Luca in order to get as much money from him as possible. Luca is aware that he has to get out of this situation somehow. Under his new identity Luca know if he disappears, nobody will look for him because he's already dead...
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