Maidaan (2023)

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Maidaan (2023)
Opis: Syed Abdul Rahim coach of Indian football team is to be sacked after their big defeat in 1952 Olympics but he defends himself citing major reason of defeat was management failure.Rahim eyes the 1956 Olympics and wants to choose the team himself he gets talent from allover the country but media tycoon Mr Roy and management of football committee aren't happy with him as they favor only Bengal players. At 1956 Olympics the team finishes at fourth position which remains an overall record till date but at 1960 Olympics when the team is out in first round and Rahim is sacked by management thou the team received appreciation from French fans in a match against their team.This becomes a testing time for Rahim personally as well as professionally as he is diagnosed with lung cancer and has short time to live but he dreams of coaching the Indian football team again for 1962 Asian Games.—[email protected]
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