Mama's Boy (2022)

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Mama's Boy (2022)
Opis: Mama's Boy: A Story from Our Americas is the true story of Black and his mother, Anne, a conservative Mormon woman from the American South - Louisiana, Arkansas and Texas - who, as a child, contracted polio, forcing her to endure brutal surgeries and leaving her reliant on braces and crutches for the rest of her life, but teaching her the strength of a family's love. When Black came out to his mother at age twenty-one, they began another difficult journey together - one that would require them to overcome fears, misconceptions and divisions of belief, and teach them both enduring lessons about the power and necessity of communication and shared stories. The documentary will follow Black as he returns to the South, to reconnect with his conservative family in Texas, as well as a return to the heart of the Mormon Church in Utah. It will center on the power of open dialogue and storytelling as essential human tools for building bridges, changing hearts and healing the wounds that have torn apart families, communities and countries.
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