Man Afraid (1957)

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Man Afraid (1957)
Opis: Burglar FRANKIE breaks into a suburban home through MIKE's (7) bedroom window. The boy is asleep in his bed. Frankie stays in the bedroom after he realizes that the boy's PARENTS are awake in the next room. When Frankie opens a music box and music plays, Mike awakens and screams. Mike's mother LISA rushes into the room and finds Frankie trying to suffocate the boy with a pillow. She grabs at Frankie who whips her in the face with a rope. Mike's FATHER bursts into the room and struggles with Frankie. When the burglar brandishes a knife, Mike's Father hurls a solid glass snow globe at Frankie and hits him in the head. The burglar collapses.Later at the police station, police detective LT. MARTIN takes a statement from Mike's Father, who is the REVEREND DAVID COLLINS. When Martin reveals that Frankie died from the blow to the head, the Reverend is stunned. Lurking in the background is Frankie's father SIMMONS, a chain smoking, poverty stricken tailor with a limp. Outside the station, it is a media circus. The press hails the Reverend as a hero. The Reverend goes home to find a TV crew set up in his son's room. They are eager to reenact the crime. The Reverend orders them out of his house, Lisa's eyes were injured in the attack and she has been confined to bed with both of her eyes bandaged. Meanwhile, Simmons sees a news report comparing his dead son, a habitual criminal, with the Reverend's angelic little boy. Simmons stares hard at the picture of Mike and an idea forms in his head.That night, the Reverend feels guilt over Frankie's death. Mike can't sleep, he is afraid someone is watching him. The Reverend lets Mike sleep with him. The boy says he is praying to be brave and strong just like his father. Lurking outside the house is Simmons. Days later, the Reverend goes to Simmons' shop in the hopes of somehow consoling the man. However, the LANDLADY says Simmons has been missing for days and reports that he owes three months back rent. She also says Frankie was a "born murderer." Meanwhile, Mike and his friends wander down to the old wharf. Mike climbs aboard a derelict paddle boat. Simmons follows the boy onto the boat and corners him. Mike is terrified. Just then a WATCHMAN appears and Simmons flees.That night at dinner, Mike insists that Simmons cornered him and intended to murder him. Lisa is fearful but the Reverend thinks Mike is telling a tall tale because the boy was forbidden from going to the old wharf. That evening, the Reverend urges Mike to walk alone to his friend SKUNKY'S house. The Reverend is meeting with a fellowship group when a fearful Mike appears. He claims that Simmons is lurking nearby. The Reverend is skeptical but goes out to investigate. No one is there, but he does find a distinctive tin of cigarette butts just like the one he saw Simmons carrying. At home later that night, the Reverend finds Skunky at his son's window. He persuades Skunky not to run away from home just yet. Then the Reverend calls the police, but Martin isn't in. Lisa overhears the conversation and is very worried. The next day, the Reverend tells Martin about the incident aboard the boat and about the cigarette butts. The cop is skeptical that Simmons is menacing the family, especially after they cannot find the cigarette butts. That Sunday, the Reverend presides over church services. Mike is singing in the choir when he notices the ponies arrive for the church bazaar. The Reverend is spooked when Simmons briefly appears at the back of the church. The clergyman panics after he notices that Billy is missing. The Reverend frantically searches the church grounds for his son and finally finds him sitting atop a pony. He orders the boy to go home with his mother's NURSE. Meanwhile, Simmons enters the Reverend's home, kicks at Mike's toys and then approaches the terrified Lisa. She pulls the bandages off her eyes and flees from Simmons. Mike finds his mother cowering in a closet. Afterwards, a skeptical Martin says there is no proof that Simmons was in the Reverend's home. Lisa is hysterical so the Nurse administers a sedative. Later, Mike is in the first bout at the church bazaar's peewee boxing contest. The Reverend is the referee. Simmons slinks into the tent where the match is being held and sets fire to a pail of rags. The billowing smoke creates a panic. In the confusion, Mike wanders under the stands and Simmons grabs him. Mike screams and the Reverend wrestles Simmons to the ground. But when Simmons croaks out the word murderer, the Reverend releases him. Later at the police station, Martin says there is no real evidence that Simmons set the fire. He bluntly tells the Reverend that they can't do anything until Simmons commits a crime, and then it will be too late. The Reverend goes home and tells his family to start packing; they are leaving town to escape from Simmons. However, Skunky's parents call from the hospital and say their son is asking for the Reverend. Skunky was injured during the fire. The Reverend goes to the hospital. He is unaware that Simmons is watching his every move. Then Simmons phones Lisa, impersonates a hospital employee, and says that the Skunky is asking for Mike. The Nurse drives Lisa and Mike to the hospital. The boy runs ahead of his mother and he is snatched by Simmons. Mike escapes from Simmons and flees to the nearby beach. Meanwhile, Lisa finds her husband and they realize that the phone call was a ruse. They go outside and the Reverend chases after Simmons and Mike. The boy hides among the pier pilings but Simmons spots him. Mike climbs out underneath the pier over deep water. Simmons chases him. The Reverend soon catches up to them. Simmons loses his footing and falls in the water. Simmons is drowning so the Reverend dives in and rescues him. Mike makes his way back to the beach where the Reverend insists he never hated Simmons son and he begs the man's forgiveness. Simmons cries and then departs. The Reverend and his family watch him go.
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