Martha's Vineyard Mysteries Poisoned in Paradise (2021)

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Martha's Vineyard Mysteries Poisoned in Paradise (2021)
Opis: Jeff's reputation for "unofficially" solving the island's most dangerous crimes is growing. When Katie, a young waitress, finds herself way in over her head with the wrong people, she shows up seeking his help. Jeff urges her to go directly to the police but she's too scared to follow through. When Katie sadly turns up dead - murdered by poison - Jeff wonders if he could have helped her and the crime becomes personal for him. Teamed up with Zee, he must unravel the dangerous plot Katie had tried to warn him about to catch her killer. The shocking case leaves Jeff and Zee little time to discuss the kiss they had shared in Boston and what it means for their relationship. Meanwhile, the mystery back in Boston deepens when Jeff and Andy seem close to catching the person who shot Jeff, until an FBI agent shows up and takes over, shutting them out.
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