Meridian (1990)

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Meridian (1990)
Opis: In Italy, when the local priest receives an ordinary painting as a gift from the lady of the castle, he learns that there is an old painting from the XV Century hidden below. He asks to a restorer to retrieve the old painting in a short period that assigns his best student Gina to clean up and recover the old painting. Gina visits her old friend Catherine that has returned after spending ten years in America after hours. Soon she is introduced to Catherine's former nanny and servant presently Martha and learns that Catherine is the wealthy lady of the castle. Then they visit a traveling sideshow carnival and Gina forces Catherine to invite the artists to have dinner with them in the castle. They are drugged by the magician and later they are raped by him. But soon Catherine finds that there are ghosts in the castle and the evil magician has a good twin brother that is cursed and turns into beast when he falls in love. But how to stop the curse?—Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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