Miss Marple: The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side (1992)

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Miss Marple: The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side (1992)
Opis: St. Mary Mead is all abuzz when aging Hollywood movies star Marina Gregg moves into Gossington Hall. When she agrees to continue the annual fund raiser for the St. John's society, many of the villagers get to meet her, including Heather Babcock who had met her once before at the end of World War II. When Babcock is poisoned after drinking a daiquiri intended for Marina, Miss Marple and her nephew, Detective Inspector Craddock, think she was meant to be the victim. This is confirmed when her husband reveals she has been receiving threatening notes. There are many who may wish her harm, including a producer who may profit from insurance if she is unable to act in his next film; the sexy film star who will replace her; and a staff assistant who is in love with her husband. As Miss Marple soon learns however, the solution to the crime is far more complex.—garykmcd
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