Mom, Is That You?! (2023)

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Mom, Is That You?! (2023)
Opis: Akio's job as a human resources supervisor has been a daily nerve wracking experience, and to make matters worse, he is on the brink of divorce from his wife, and his relationship with the daughter of a college student has not been smooth sailing. One day, he decided to go to the old town of Tokyo to visit his mother Fukue. However, things seem to be a bit off. His mother used to work in an apron, but now she's dressed in fashionable clothes and looks more lively than ever before, even falling in love. Akio was very confused and felt out of place in his mother's house, but after encountering a kind, enthusiastic, somewhat meddling neighbor and the other side of his mother he had never seen before, Akio gradually began to discover things he had never noticed before.
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