Motel Melati (2023)

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Motel Melati (2023)
Opis: The year is 1997. On the outskirts of Java, Indonesia, travelers from near and far check out a strange and mysterious inn - a family looking for a place to stay after their grandmother's funeral and a couple looking for a place to spend the night together. However, things are not as they seem at the Inn and the house guests soon realize that once they enter, they can never get out. The hostess, Madam Melati has her own plans for the souls that enter her cursed motel, never to leave the place. In the midst of the ongoing horror, we soon learn about Melati's tortured history and the truth behind her ties to the inn. However, Melati's dark past and ancient traditions are soon disrupted when a pair of local tow truck drivers attempt a nighttime robbery of the sinister home. It wasn't long before the drivers realized they had made a big mistake. They find themselves caught up in a deadly game with the house curse and accidentally unleash a much greater evil that has been buried within the depths of the inn for over a century.
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